Friday, 31 July 2015

Hospitality: the City vs. the Village

by Ayesha Tarek
Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue/Flickr

In January of this year I was in rural Punjab conducting fieldwork on a study called Women’s Work in Agriculture and Nutrition, prior to that I was interviewing adolescents and their families in lower income areas of Karachi for a study called Being an Adolescent in Karachi. As a surveyor I was introduced to interview respondents by a local resource person in both settings and although my position as a researcher was the same in both sites I noticed a stark difference in how people treated strangers between the two sites.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Faced with hunger: durable households or resilient networks of women?

 by Ayesha Mysorewala  

A mother feeds her children - field site in Dadu, rural Pakistan. Credit: Collective for Social Science Research
A collaborative study between the Collective for Social Science Research, IDS and Oxfam on food price volatility and its impact on the poorest, has highlighted the importance of social networks and the role of women in particular in tackling and managing hunger in times of crisis.